Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yay Wednesday

I'm glad this week is moving right along. I can't wait for the weekend. The weekend is open. No plans except for dinner with the kids and the ex on Sunday night. I like weekends like that. I'll just take things as they come. The house is staying pretty clean, too, so I'll only have to tidy up a little bit.

It is getting very cold out right now. By tomorrow it's supposed to be in single digits or something ridiculous like that. There is a nice hard, crusty ice layer on the snow around here now. Man, I hate cold weather.

Work is kind of slow tonight. We may be sending a bunch of people home early tonight. A few have already been asking about it.

There is lots of high drama at work right now. Employee A was sleeping around with employee B until he (A) found out that she (B) was living with someone. He went on a drunken rampage, slashed all of her tires, busted in her windshield and smashed out her headlights and tail lights. Then he threatened her with physical violence. He got arrested for all this. Not knowing how to leave well enough alone, he came back to work and started threatening her, trying to make her quit her job. She went to HR about it all. Now HR is investigating the whole thing and both emloyees are home on "administrative leave" pending the results of the investigation. She now has a restraining order on him, as well. Ah, how the worm turns. This is why people say not to get involved with coworkers. Yeah.

I see that some people are trying out the new JS. I really hope that they don't abandon Blogger. As I said last night, I'm liking it here and happy for the people that have come over here from JS. I don't want to lose touch with people again.

Well, back to the salt mines...


  1. That is one crazy individual. Jeesh! Having a heat wave this week.. stayin in the 30's!

  2. Good grief that is some crazy drama at work!

    I do have a new JS account but I think Blogger will be my main place.

  3. Like I said before, this is my new home, so you're stuck with me. lol. That guy sounds like he needs psychiatric treatment. Yikes! It's -7 here right now. Let's not even talk about single digits, if they're above 0. Ha. Hugs.