Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ouch. Very Ouch, Baby

So I didn't take any zinc, vitamin C or colloidal silver this morning because I was feeling better since yesterday, and now my throat is starting to hurt again. I know it's partially this damned weather. The air is so cold and damp feeling. That can't be helping.

It's been a very quiet evening at work. I've spent a fair amount of time here and on Facebook. I plan on getting home on time tonight and getting right to bed. I want to get up early tomorrow and hit the gym for a workout. I also want to bathe Bosco if there is time. He needs it, the little chipper. I'd post a photo of him here, but JS ate all the digital dog photos I had. They were all posted and saved there. I haven't yet been able to replace my digital camera. Remember, it and my phone took an accidental dunk in Lake Erie with me in June when I fell off the boat on vacation. I've replaced the phone but not the camera. Little money and other priorities, you know.

I'm off to read more jourmnals now. Everyone have a good night.


  1. It sucks losing stuff like that on your computer. I'd replace the phone before the camera, too. In due time. Hugs.

  2. You gotta keep up the preventative even when you start to feel better, silly. HEY what kind of camera are you thinking of getting?

  3. TP- I had an Olympus compact and I really liked it. I'll probably get another unless I get a better deal on something nicer.