Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good Night

Well, it's been a long night here at "work". Week end review: By tomorrow I will have spent three nights at home, and two nights playing on the net. I will have been paid for this, at about the rate of $33 an hour, plus benefits. Life is good. Heh. The next two weeks look to be very busy around here based on the forecasts, though. I really am glad for that. You all know how I hate it when it's slow at work.

Tomorrow starts the weekend for me, and other than the poetry reading and dinner with the kids on Sunday, I have no plans. I should recaulk the bath tub. I should fold the three baskets of laundry that are waiting for me in the laundry room. I should catch up with Billy Boy out in San Diego and see what trouble he's up to lately, and find out when he's coming back. I should hit the gym a couple of times. I should go buy groceries. We'll see how much I actually get done. I could see me getting really lazy. The couch and a comforter is always so cozy when it's cold out. And there is always good stuff on the Discovery Channel and TCM.

Good night, all. Have a great weekend. See you on Monday.


  1. The couch and comforter sounds ideal right now. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs.

  2. You need internet at home. How am I supposed to stalk you if I can't get any updates on you?

  3. I have internet, sort of. My housemate pays for wireless, and we both share it. However, he is out in San Diego right now and has the card with him. So, until he returns...