Thursday, January 15, 2009

Still Ill, Will

I'm still battling the throat illness today. I woke up with it feeling pretty sore. I also woke up to snow on the ground, although it was only about an inch. That's more than enough.

I heard last night that there have been major changes at the Dodge Foundation and that there may not be a Dodge Poetry Festival held next year (it's held once every two years) because of the changes. I'm sad for that, but also very glad that I went this past year. It was great to see all of those big name poets read and give talks. Something like the last ten Poet Laureates attended and participated. It was great. And now it may be no more.

I'm glad that the weekend is almost here. Unfortunately this deep cold is supposed to stay with us now through the weekend. Brrr.

Well I'd better run. Someone from IT is coming right now to re-image my computer. More later, I promise...


  1. This cold weather is getting to me, too. It is about -8 right now, which has been the high today. I am SO ready for warmer weather. Take care of that sore throat. Bummer about the poetry thing. Darn! Hugs.

  2. Thank you both. I am feeling a bit better as the evening is wearing on.