Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well, I feel like I got a bunch of things done before I even got to work today. I actually got up early this morning. I paid all my bills and got them in the mail. I went to the township hall and got the dogs their 2009 licenses. I got air in my car tires. I vacuumed the whole house. I did it all before even starting to get ready for work. I'm sort of proud of myself for that. The timing was right, too, as I probably have to work overtime tonight, until 1:30 AM, and so will be getting up late tomorrow. Unfortunately, too, we are supposed to get a nice mix of snow and freezing rains tonight. That combined with dropping temperatures should make for a very interesting drive home later tonight. Right now it's sprinkling. Hopefully that's all that happens. Man, I hate the winter. Come on Spring.

I just now heard the most annoying song on our PA system here at work. It was a fast-paced instrumental version of Dixie, and at the end of it a chorus sang, "Amen". Amen. I wonder what redneck is responsible for that little gem.

I rarely talk politics, but I'm going to right now. I have been noticing that, with increasing regularity, television news is talking about civilian war casualties as if it was something new. It's not new. It's a regular part of modern warfare and has been, probably ever since firearms and cannons were put into military use. The outcry seems to be somewhat one-sided, too. For example, with the current siege of Gaza by Israeli troops, a lot of press is being given about Palestinian civilian casualties. Nothing is said about the number of civilian casualties caused by Hamas sending rockets over into Israel. Not exactly fair reporting, is it? I won't belabor the issue. CNN and Fox News take note. I just wanted to point it out.


  1. Hello, S. I'm glad to see you here. I really hated the thought of losing you in the big meltdown. :)