Friday, January 16, 2009


This evening is dragging like an iron anchor on a muddy bottom. People have been leaving this place early in swarms all night. There are now exactly three people left here with me- in a 285,000 square foot warehouse. The silence is deafening, and I have to stay here until 11:30.

It looks like tomorrow I will be going to south central PA to visit Delete Me, aka SWG, and The Lube Faerie and family. A little road trip across the turnpike sounds like a good idea to me. At least I have a vehicle now that can make that ride without burning up a whole tank of gas. I'd better get my beauty rest tonight- if I can in this horrible cold.

On Sunday evening I am going with the kids and the ex to my very favorite restaurant, Beni Hana's. I will be going for the Hibachi Shrimp dinner with fried rice, and maybe a mai tai or two. Man, I love that place. There is nothing else like it. Except for maybe Penang in Philly's Chinatown.

And then there is this, newly finished by me tonight:

Shaving The Face

I don’t like shaving.
It’s not the first thing I would prefer
to do in the very early morning.
I don’t like that six hours after doing it
I’m all stubbly again.
I don’t like the ritual or the tools:
The surgical razor, the steamy mirror,
the cold can of foaming goop,
the soapy water in the scum-lined sink.
I don’t like the dripping down
the front of my undershirt.

When I was very young
and looked up to my father,
I couldn’t wait for the day that I
got to shave my face.
He lathered up with a brush
(badger’s hair) and a mug
of special shaving soap. Cool.
Once you have to do it every day
you won’t think it’s so cool
he used to admonish me.
Damn him, he was right enough.

Since then I have joined the weary,
the tortured, the predisposed,
the world-wide army of men who partake
in this daily chore.
And daily we stand at this alter of Schick
with our styptic pencils held high
and pray for no cuts, scrapes or nicks.
It’s part of what makes us
the manly men that we are.

So, there you have it. I hope that everyone has a great evening and a wonderful weekend. Enjoy, Okay?


  1. Looking forward to your visit. I just can't believe that I have to buy my son shaving products!

  2. Let him get them on his own. He'll like that. Better yet, let his GF get them for him...

  3. Say "Hi" to Missi for me, would ya? Loved the poem. Good job! Hugs.

  4. I hope you had a chewy weekend and that your ride to and from was uneventful.

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