Thursday, January 8, 2009

That Dream

I'm missing the JS homepage as a way to track things like who is on line, but I am getting rather used to this. I'm seeing more and more JS members coming on over. There are still a couple of people I felt I was close to that have yet to show themselves either here, on Dorrie's Fun Forum or on Facebook. I can only hope.

Today a couple of people made entries about their strange dreams, so I thought I would record mine from last night. The beginning is fuzzy, but my ex came to me with something in a bloody hanky, and I easily and quickly recognized it as a piece off the end of my dog Cortez's chin. I took the piece of bloody bone and skin and went looking for him. I found him lying on his side next to the back porch by the smoker grill. I took some antiseptic and poured it on his wound. As soon as I did his head and chest burst into flames. I tried as hard as I could to quickly blow out the flames. Then I woke up, and as I did I found that I was blowing air out of my mouth very hard and fast. I was about out of breath. Very strange and disturbing, huh? I have no idea what it means and probably never will.

I am still tired, and just want to go home at this point. I am tired of dealing with people tonight, and I rarely feel that way. Well, one hour to go. Good night.


  1. SO glad to see you here. I have no idea what your dream meant, but I have strange dreams all the time, too. Almost like Sci-Fi dreams...stuff that could never happen in real situations. lol. Take care, go home, and get some rest. Forget about the bad people. Hugs.

  2. I'm glad to see YOU here! Thank you.

  3. Hey KB yeah I have some of the strangest dreams not sure what they mean but hug your pooch close it was just a dream
    I find I don't miss the home page on JS just the update page of everyone showing
    Have a great weekend buddy!