Monday, January 26, 2009

More Drek

Well, I learned something about Blogger today. I forgot to title my last post so the title defaulted to the first sentence and a half or so. The title is now, "This weekend was nice and easy, sort of. Friday du...". Nice.

It is still plenty cold outside but for some reason it doesn't feel quite so unbareble tonight. Maybe it's the lack of humidity. That probably has something to do with it. The weather forecasters are talking snow for us for tomorrow afternoon and evening. That should make for a fun ride home tomorrow night. And I just got the road salt (and puke) washed off of my car, too.

Early tomorrow morning I have an appointment with my psychiatrist. I'm going to talk to him again about the possibility of getting me off of some of these expensive meds, or at least getting me into some more generics. Between the meds for my bipolar, blood pressure and diabetes I'm spending about $160 a month on meds, and that's with decent insurance. Awful, isn't it? I don't know how people worse off than I am manage. The brand names cost me $30 a piece and the generics cost me $10. That's some difference.

Well, that's it for me for tonight. Everyone have a great evening.


  1. Meds. are definitely not cheap, even with insurance. The weather guessers are usually wrongs, so maybe a heatwave is headed your way? lol. C'mon, just trying to cheer you up. HA! Hugs.

  2. Heat wave- I wish. I'd settle for the low 40s. Thank you for trying, but the snow is definately coming. I want the spring. I haven't been ready for winter since it started. I just have to muddle through and be patient.

  3. The costs of healthcare are huge...That is a bit of money.

    You doing allright?


  4. Bobby- Thank you for asking. I have a couple of health issues- high BP and diabetes, then there is my bipolar disorder- I have my share of crosses. But it's all under control as long as I stay on the meds, stick to the diet, and keep going to the gym. Other than that, I'm a happy, thankful camper, all things considered.