Monday, January 12, 2009

Cracking Wise

I've been slowly working on a manuscript for a poetry chapbook that I want to get published in the spring. So far I have 14 pages out of what will probably be 25 to 30 pages, not including bio page, art work and all that stuff. I think I'm going to title it Big Time. That's my pat response to a lot of things in conversation- "Did Joe get embarassed when she slapped him?", "Yeah, big time." - like that. I'm thinking about using photos of some of my awful paintings for art work in the book. I'd also like to include a spoken word CD of all the poems in the book as a bonus. I'd love to do a small (11X17) poster for the book based on the cover art, too, but that's just a pipe dream that I probably can't afford. Still, it's nice to have a goal.

On Facebook this evening, R commented that she "is the proud new owner of a vintage Royal Quiet De Luxe." I asked her if that was a vibrator. I know damn well that it's a typewriter. I can be such a smart ass at times when you get to know me really well. heh.

Well, I'm feeling a little better as the night has gone on. It will be real interesting to see how I feel tomorrow morning. Usually when I get sick, if I get worse, I will get worse over night and not during the day. I've been popping Hall's all night, so my throat is feeling a bit better, actually.

Well, almost time to leave work for the evening. Good night one and all.


  1. I hope you went directly to bed when you got home from work. If you're ill (or getting ill) you need lots of rest, but I bet you already knew that! lol. Crossing my fingers so you feel great tomorrow. That book sounds awesome! Hugs.

  2. If you would like an art/photo/spoken word contributor I can do all three. I have a few poems I have written that I think would sound better from a male's perspective; perhaps you have some poems you'd like read out loud by a female voice?