Monday, March 16, 2009

What To Say First?

Well, it was a great weekend. Great times with great friends. The Modest Mouse concert was awesome. They really put on a stunning show. The whole evening on Saturday was a lot of fun. If you want a blow-by-blow, read The Lube Faerie's blog- she did a great job. Here are some highlights though:

a) Really good pizza at some hole-in-the-wall pizza place that was somewhere sort of near South Street. I'm not totally sure because we were kind of lost, even thought we thought we weren't.
b) Despite a long line when we got to the show, we managed to get great seats in the Electric Factory balcony, directly facing the stage. We got bar maid service.
c) Seeing an advertisement stating that The Killers will be in town on May 8th. Yay.
d) The Moudest Mouse show itself was outstanding. They played a lot of great songs and their encore was not too short, not too long. I could have done without the opening acts.
e) Good breakfast food at a diner down the street from the hotel that the PA gang stayed at.
f) I wore out my Chuck Taylors walking around. After all the walking we did and the way my calf muscles were hurting, I felt that it was okay to skip the gym on Sunday.
g) I got really lost on my way home. I somehow ended up in Fairmont Park. Every time I get lost in Philly I end up in Fairmont Park. It was like deja vu all over again. I got home at 4:30 AM.

Obviously, with what time I got home on Saturday night/Sunday morning, I slept in until around 11:30. Then I got up and went to the store for groceries. I had absolutely nothing to eat in the house. The kids cancelled dinner on me, so I napped on the couch and played my guitar a bit. I needed it. Later on I went to the poetry group meeting, which was a good. Everyone had good news as far as being published and winning contests goes. K hosted, and he had extra dark, sugar free chocolate for me. Man was that good. I couldn't thank him enough.

When I got home from the meeting, I talked to my mother on the phone for a while, then went to bed. The funny thing is that I slept really well all weekend, and that was without taking the sleeping pills. Hopefully it's the start of a trend.

Today it's back to the work-a-day world. The weekend was so nice, but as usual, too short. Work is busy tonight and should be all week. Well, here's to it...


  1. Glad you had a good time at the concert. I'd LOVE to see them in person. I like their music. Hugs.

  2. I like how we miraculously found you while trying to get in to the parking garage. What a fun night we had! I cannot believe we ended up so far in the wrong direction and STILL got awesome seats.

  3. Do you think all that walking helped with the RLS?

    I'm glad you had a pretty awesome weekend.

    How's your brother doing?

    With work keeping you busy, I hope it flies by.

  4. X- I highly recommend seeing them. They actually sounded better live.

    Lubie- That was funny. I hope that your ankle is feeling better right about now.

    Dove- The walking may have helped the RLS. I guess I'll find out tonight. My brother is doing much better. Thank you so much for asking!

  5. I think you slept well because you had FUN and need to have more FUN and less crap :)

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