Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday By The Numbers

1. Sleep, sleep. My kingdom for a little nighttime sleep.

2. Tomorrow night I am going to go see Modest Mouse in concert in Philly with DeleteMe, The Lube Faerie, and company. I'm looking very much forward to it. They are one of my favorite bands, and I will get to see them with some of my favorite people.

3. Sunday I have dinner with the kids, followed by a poetry group meeting. And the house is a wreck and the cupboards are bare. It's going to be a full weekend.

4. I now have my spring vacation home slotted for April 4th through the 11th. Billy Boy will definately be back home by then.

5. Speaking of whom, he says now that he may move back to San Diego for the woman he has been dating while he's been out there. She's apparently a well-to-do doctor. Sometimes I don't think he can make up his mind about what he really wants. I wish for him that he would. I want him to be a happy dude.

6. A slow night at work tonight. I only have two of my people in the department tonight. The rest are off working in other departments. It's quiet. I'm going to get some writing done.

7. I may well have to fire one of my temporary employees. I would hate to have to do it, especially in light of the economy, the jobless rate and what's recently happened to my job, but I may well have to do so. Some people just don't listen to reason, then bad things happen to them. It's unfortunate.

8. How is your cursive writing these days? I just read an adrticle that says, thanks to the keyboard, we are getting out of practice and are getting sloppy. The author also believes that the teaching of cursive in our schools should go away, that cursive writing should just go away altogether. Interesting.

9. Everyone have a great, great weekend.


  1. My cursive writing is very nice, when I don't write sloppily. You'll have to give a full report on the Modest Mouse concert. Great band. Once again, say Hi to Missi from me. I miss her! Hugs.

  2. Mine is kind of sloppy in general. Always has been. I will give a full report on the concert on Monday, and I'll say "hi" to Missi for you...

  3. Sounds like a good time tomorrow!

    Thanks for the update on Billy Boy. I've been wondering what he's up to.

    Oh, my cursive is cursive!! I couldn't wait when I was a kid to learn it and I would practice and practice for HOURS! I'm just odd that way ;)

  4. I used to have good handwriting but now it is just scribbles. Sad in a way.

    Take good care!