Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm feeling better about things today, and I'm not wallowing in self pity, so I guess I'm alright. Although I have felt better mentally. I'm not in a very good mood and wasn't yesterday either. I was a bit short with some of my employees on a couple of things and I know now that I didn't have to be. I'm trying to get out of it tonight.

And I slept pretty decent last night. I've been staying up to read at night until I feel sleepy, and I'm finding that helps. The last two nights I was reading Pluto, Animal Lover, an excellent book by Laren Stover. It's a short book and a great read. It's got suspense and dark humor and a very twisted main character. I recommend it hight if you like that kind of book. Last night I started reading An Unquiet Mind. If you haven't heard about it berfore, it's basically the memoir of a doctor of psychiatry who also happens to be acutely bipolar. It is very eye opening so far.

Well, things are supposed to warm up here over the next few days, and I hope that's the start of a long trend. I'm tired of cold weather and being cold. I'm tired of my winter clothes. I'm tired of having to bundle up in bed and the cold tile floors in the bathroom and kitchen in the mornings. I'm more than ready for the spring to be here.

Tonight at dinner time I have the chore of adding up all of my medical and medicine receipts from last year to see if they total enough for any kind of a tax deduction. What fun. I also have to work late tonight. I won't be getting out of here until 1:30 AM, and it will probably be close to 3:00 AM before I get home. I guess I'll be sleeping in late tomorrow morning.

Well I'm off now to read your blogs and get some work done. More later...


  1. This is the first year in a very long time that we were able to deduct medical expenses when we filed taxes, and I didn't even have surgery this year. lol. Being a diabetic can have its perks, I guess. HA!

    A psychiatrist who is bi-polar?!? Interesting. I may have to read that. Sounds like something I'd enjoy getting into. Hugs.

  2. I don't know if I'll be able to take a deduction or not. I think the expenses have to be like over $1,000 or something like that. I know I've spent more than that just in meds.

  3. jotting down Unquiet Mind... I HAVE to read to fall asleep. I also have to limit myself to how many chapters to read a night or I will stay up and read the whole book.

    I hope you have a very warm weekend... I'll be envious!