Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sleep And Trips And Taxes

I feel like I should change the name of this blog to something like "Psychotic Insomniac" or "Trail Of Ambien". It seems like I spend too much time focusing on my sleep issues here. So, let me say very briefly that for some unknown reason, I slept well last night.

I am really looking forward to taking my week's vacation this month and getting home to see my family, but it all hinges on one thing- Billy Boy getting back here from San Diego so that I have someone to watch the dogs. If he doesn't come back in time, I can't go. I'll have to put it off. It will be harder for me to get the approval for the time in April or May. He has said in emails that he is "working on getting back". That's kind of sketchy. He is also shacked up out there with this doctor who is paying his way for him. They are dating, according to him. Well, I'll just have to wait and see. I could in theory take the dogs with me to Ohio, but that would be a very long ride in that little car for them, and my parent's have a "no pets in the house" rule. I wouldn't leave the boys outside. They aren't used to it and, well, I just wouldn't do it.

I am going with the wife to get our taxes done this weekend. Yes, we are still filing jointly. By doing that and claiming zero all year, we get a nice fat return from both the state and federal to split. We go to a place in Philly that does a very good job, but the wait, even with an appointment is like an hour. I really hate that part. It's a small waiting room with very few seats and it's always crowded. I always end up standing up. I'm going to bank my half of the return. There is nothing I need to go out and buy at this point. I'm not going to go and splurge on anything. I want to save the cash for another trip home in the fall.

Well, back to the paperwork for now. I'll read everyone's blogs in a while.


  1. Glad you were finally able to get some decent sleep.

    Hope you get to take your trip. I take Brave Lady when we go to ND, but it's such a long drive, even for a little dog. She seems to enjoy being in the car, but sitting still that long just isn't good. We let her out every 100 miles or so to go potty and stretch her legs. Traveling is hard on pets. HUGS!

  2. Good idea filing jointly and all that. We are deciding if we should do the same ... hope you are able to make your trip. Here is a haiku for you:

    Death and taxes will
    be the last thing you think 'bout
    on that far-off death bed.

  3. I had a heck of a time with your blog last night. It was either blank or the comment box wouldn't come up. I tried several hundred times!!

    The kids or the ex wouldn't puppy sit for you?

  4. Xanadu- Yes, my dogs love the car, too, but I would have to do the same- let them out to go frequently. Especially the little one. I somehow think he would have no problem wetting on a car seat!

    Chiaro- Thank you about the trip, and thank you for the haiku. I'm a fan.

  5. Dove- I'm sorry you had trouble with the blog. I couldn't read comments last night. They wouldn't open. Weird.

    The kids and the ex all live about 40 minutes away. Although I might be able to talk my son into house sitting. Good thought. Thank you.