Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?

I'm ready for the weekend already. Nothing bad has happened, I'm just ready for the weekend kind of early. And I have Friday off work for the launch party for the poetry group's new journal, so it's a short week for me.

April will be here soon, and it is National Poetry Month. I will be taking part in the popular and gruelling activity of writing a poem a day for the month. This will not be easy for two reasons. One is my week vacation in Ohio the second week of the month. I will be pretty busy with family things. The second is the matter of having the necessary inspiration. What do you write about when you don't know what to write about? For me, when I don't know what to write about I typically write about the act or the art of writing. I probably have a dozen poems about writing already, so that's out. I'll come up with something. Maybe I'll work around a theme.That's still a tall order, to pick a topic and write thirty different poems about it.

Speaking of poetry, Jennicki has a new blog, a poetry blog. It's http://JensPoesy@blogspot.com. She writes well. Go check it out if you have the inclination to read some decent poetry.

I don't remember if I posted about this before, but I have to have a colonoscopy. Fun, fun. I'm really looking forward to it. I go for the consultation appointment next Tuesday. I haven't had one in ten years or so. That's how much I like them. My kidney doctor says that my blood tests keep showing that I am anemic, which could be a symptom of polyps. I need to rule that out, as my mother has a history of colon polyps, and my grandmother died of colon cancer. So, it's nothing to mess around about. I have to bite the bullet and get it done. I don't mind the procedure so much as I do the night-before prep. You can imagine. I won't spell it out.

Tomorrow I go for my six-month teeth cleaning. I'm thrilled about that one, too. I just love going to the dentist. That goes back to my childhood. In junior high school days we had a family dentist who did not believe in using novacane. I had several big cavaties filled like that. Ouch, baby. Very ouch.

More later...


  1. I know what the night-before prep is all aabout. Have fun. Get to be good friends with your toilet. lol.

    Maybe you can do some poetry an your family, singly, or as a group. Just a thought. Hugs.

  2. Yeah, I know. I should start to stock pile some good magazines in the bathroom now, huh?

    The family is a good idea. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out!! That is so sweet of you! I'm hoping to do the April Poetry Challenge too. That'll be interesting!

    I hope the weekend comes soon, for both of our sake's! :D

    Sorry about the colonoscopy stuff...unpleasant! But it'll be a relief to know you're OK after!