Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Camper

"When the going gets tough and you've lost all your dreams, there's nothing like a camp fire and a can of beans." - Tom Waits

I just love camping. I've been thinking all night about camping. I am already planning to go sometime in May with some friends down in the Pine Barrens. I may try to go next month too, if the weather warms up a bit more. My sleeping bag is only rated to 45 degrees and I don't want to freeze my ass off. There is just something about sleeping outdoors in the fresh air in front of a crackling fire that is envigorating to me. I'll probably dream about it tonight.

Good night, everyone. Sleep well.


  1. We used to go camping almost every weekend when Jamie was younger. It's so refreshing. Waking up in the great outdoors, connecting with nature. I miss those days. Hugs.

  2. I agree with you about the camping. I look forward to that this summer and fall.


  3. I forget when you said you were going away, but hoping you can make it to our Pirates vs. Ninjas party next weekend. Saturday the fourth~

  4. X and Bobby- I love it. I feel that connection with nature is an important one.

    Lubie- I am actually leaving for Ohio Friday night after work, so unfortunately I will miss the party this time. :( I would have been a pirate...