Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday By The Numbers

1. First of all, Happy Spring, everyone! It tried to snow flurry on my way to work today but I wouldn't have any of it. The sun is shining now and it's fairly warm. HA!

2. Phone sales people who solicite supplies, training products and the like to corporate offices and businesses are the worst. What about the sentence, "I'm not authorized to make purchases" is so hard to understand?

3. I got up late for work again this morning. I can sure be a lazy bastard sometimes, but I do enjoy it.

4. I got a message from Billy Boy this afternoon saying that he will be home on Wednseday. It will be good to have him around again.

5. It's another slow Friday at work. The hands on the clock will just crawl like a slow death tonight, I'm sure.

6. Tomorrow it's back pack shopping and house cleaning. Sunday, hiking in the Pine Barrens if the weather is not rainy, and dinner with the kids. I'll probably hit the gym both days.

7. I forgot to mention yesterday that on my way to work, on a narrow country road, I almost hit the strangest looking bird I have ever seen. It was huge, bigger than a wild turkey or buzzard, it's feathers were an off-white and very ruffled, and it had a bare, yellow colored head. Feral domestic turkey? Albino turkey buzzard? I don't know. I can't seem to find it in the bird field guide, either. I looked for it today on my way in and did not see it again. Strange.

8. I simply cannot hear the Steeler's Wheel song Stuck In The Middle With You without thinking of that violent Michael Madsen scene in Reservoir Dogs. Chilling.

9. Why do people not take the time to do things right, or not do the right thing, just because it's Friday? I don't get that. Why be a gonad?

10. Everyone have a decent weekend. Enjoy.


  1. Did you ever find out what kind of bird that was? Sounds like it maybe was a grouse or pheasant? Don't know. Hugs.

  2. Not yet I haven't. This was much, much bigger than a pheasant.