Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Coming

The weather has been very mild here and I have cabin fever. I have been through the Cabela’s and L.L. Bean spring catalogues a hundred times now the last few days. I’m definitely getting my fishing license this weekend before they sell out, and I may go hiking in the Pine Barrens again as well. I can’t wait for bike weather. I know, some people are biking now, but I'm not that hard core and I don't have hundreds to invest in UnderArmour. When I get my income tax refund next week, before I stick it all in the bank, I’m going to go and buy me a decent back pack for hiking and camping. I may get that at Dick’s or Harry’s Sporting Goods. Cabela’s is kind of expensive on back packs, and besides, I don’t want everything I own to be Realtree camouflaged.

Speaking of the Pine Barrens, last night I took an online quiz called “How South Jersey are you?” on Facebook. I scored very high. I got a rating as an “Honorable Son of South Jersey”. I'm from Ohio, folks. I guess I adapt well.

You can tell that spring is on it's way. I'm starting to see more and more dead animals on the roads. I hate to see that. But then I guess without the cars the turkey buzzards and other scavengers would starve to death. I really hate to see a dead fox on the road. They are such beautiful and elusive animals.

I slept well again last night. I could get used to this. I did feel pretty groggy when I got up, but after I got out and ran a few errands, I felt good. I think my new diet is helping. No fast food. Fruit for breakfast. A light sandwich for lunch. Soup and fruit for dinner. Fruit for snacks. Only one soda per day, and that's a Coke Zero- no sugar, no caffine, no calories, no nothing. I'm sure I'll lose weight if I stick to this.

More later...


  1. It is sad to see the roadkill when Spring arrives. I'd starve to death, if I had to follow the diet you're on. lol. Good luck with it. Hugs.

  2. I just had to make a change. I was not eating right. Too much garbage food and snacky stuff. I'm hungry all the time, but at least I'm eating better.

  3. Ah, the fumes of a ran over polecat!

    I spend days inside a Cabela's store. I'm just weird that way.

    You know, I kinda like the Coke Zero... I need to drink more of it tho.. instead of the leaded stuff. I just can't have one soda a day!

  4. Check LL Bean for backpacks too. My very picky son (the one who is Mr Outdoor...hiking, rock climbing, etc, etc) has gotten a couple of his backpacks from there. REI too...the guarantee their stuff, anything happens they replace it.

    Your new diet sounds good. I may follow it myself.

  5. Dove- I love Cabela's. They have a store in W VA on my way home to Ohio, and I could live in there. I could spend every nickle I have.

    Justfly- Funny you should mentioon REI- I checked them out on line a bit ago and saw a couple of packs I really liked. The question now is $.