Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Thursday

Today is my Thursday since I am off on Friday. That's a good thing.

My dentist appointment went alright this morning. My teeth and gums are in great shape. The dentist was actually amazed that the health of my gums had gotten better in the last six months. Apparently that is very difficult for someone with diabetes to do. I don't now what I did, but the doctor wants me to keep doing it.

Billy Boy should be getting back to the house right about now. The dogs will be glad to see him, especially little Bosco, who seems so attached to him. It will be good to have him back in the house.

Work continues to be very busy this week, which is a good thing. Even though vehicle sales are down, parts sales and service are up, so we are making money there. It's our saving grace right now.

We are having company at work the next two days. The managers and a supervisor from the Baltimore facility are coming here to observe our operations. They will probably also be making some recommendations on ways we can change our operations to make things easier for them. Nice.

The weather is still decent here. My day lillies and surprise lillies are up out of the ground by several inches now. They are growing fast. Soon it will be time to plant the veggie garden. I'm contemplating planting the whole thing with sweet corn this year. It's about a 25'X25' plot. I could get a few ears out of it.

This weekend I plan on more fishing, and maybe hiking again, too. I will also be working on my music some, as I have a couple of ideas floating around in my brain. I will not be cleaning the house, as I did a pretty good job of it this weekend, and I did re-mop and vac the floors this morning.

Well, time to read some blogs...


  1. Good for you on the dental visit. Sounds like a nice weekend is in store for you. Enjoy. Hugs.

  2. Yeah, it was just the way I like it- painless. I'm looking forward to the time this weekend.

  3. Ack, the dentist! I wish I could go and hear him say that my teeth and gums are in good shape. Good for you. :)
    Have fun this weekend!