Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Real Thursday

It is a gloomy day today. It has been drizzling all day. It is supposed to stop tomorrow morning. I hope it actually does because I would like to get some fishing in tomorrow. Well, I guess if it's still drizzling it would give me a chance to try out the camo rain gear I got for Christmas.

I would love to fish for trout right now, but the local trout lake is closed for stocking. It won't be open again until something like April 11th. I'll still be in Ohio then, so I'll miss opening day. That's usually a big day for me and a lot of other people in my area.

A lot of people I have talked to today are saying that the weather today is making them feel blue. Not me. I feel pretty good today. I got some decent rest last night, so I'm alright.

I'm looking very forward to the release party for the new poetry journal tomorrow night. I always enjoy being with my friends and I'll probably see some aquaintances whom I haven't seen in a while. The after party is always good, too. Dunleavey's is a decent place to drink and eat. I've noticed though, that with the economy the way it is, it does not get as crowded on the weekends as it used to get. That's a shame.

A bit of news: I had posted a few days ago about the family that lost their home and had to give up their two labradors. I was very pleased to hear that they found a home, together. They are going to some decent, caring people and will not have to be split up. That makes me feel good.

More later...


  1. So glad to hear about the labs. At least they'll go to a good home, and be loved. Have fun at the poetry thing, and the party afterward. Hugs.

  2. Yeah, I'm very happy for the dogs. Sometimes the world is okay and good things do happen.