Monday, June 8, 2009

Yes, I Did

So, I did it this weekend. I went out and bought a kayak. After shopping around a while on Saturday, I found a great deal at Dick's Sporting Goods. I got a nine-footer for only $175, reduced from $300. No way could I pass that up. And no, it was not used. And surprisingly, the roof rack only cost me $35. I really could not believe that. Everything else that happened over the weekend was overshadowed by the kayak purchase, with the exception of actually using it for several hours on Sunday afternoon. In doing so I got a slight sunburn on my arms and face, and more of one on the part of my legs that were exposed. Sunblock!

Saturday night was nice also. I had gone and bought groceries before I went kayak shopping, so I had real food. I grilled salmon and my special potatoes and carrots. I ate outside on the patio, then stayed out there with the dogs and watched a movie on the laptop by candle light. I watched No Country For Old Men again. I love that movie.

Last night was my poetry group meeting. It was a good meeting. Of couse I had to talk about my new purchase and found out that my friend A and her husband have kayaks, also. Apparently they often go kayaking on the Delaware, around Burlington Island, so I will join them some time soon.
After I got home from the meeting I spoke to my parents on the phone, and I got so tired during the call that afterwards I went right to bed, and it was only 10:00. I normally would have been up until midnight. I slept really well, without the sleeping pills. I was happy for that.

I got up early this morning for my final (for a while, anyway) blood test. After that I washed the car, paid some bills and got ready for work. Tonight I have to work overtime, so I will not be getting out until 1:30 AM. It will probably be the same tomorrow night. Hopefully no more after that.

More later...


  1. What a deal on the kayak. That's almost half price. Awesome.

    The salmon on the patio and watching a movie by candlelight sounds really fun, too. Good for you. Hugs.

  2. I wish I had more nights like that. I love my patio set up.