Friday, June 19, 2009

Just Nod If You Can Here Me

It's getting really sparse around here. The list of my favorites on Blogger who are no longer posting is steadily growing longer. I have not had a comment left on one of my entries in a couple of weeks. I wonder if anyone at all is reading me at this point. That thought leaves me feeling lonely. I will continue on nonetheless, as I mainly do this as therapy.

I just got back from a going away party at a local bar for a long-time work associate of mine, another victim of downsizing. I have known this woman since the early eighties and have worked with her for over twenty years. I feel bad for her. She is a single mother with two teenage sons who are still living at home. The company doesn't care about that, though. Normally I would be sure that she would find another decent paying job with her level of job knowledge and her customer service skills, but in these times, who knows. I wish her the very best.

It's a banner day for New Jersey. It has not rained today, and looks like it may not this evening. This is the first day of no rain in two weeks straight. I hope we are done with rain for a while.

Tonight is one of those nights: No work in my department. All of my staff are off working in other departments. I had all of my paperwork finished within a half hour of starting work. I have nothing to do and until 11:30 tonight to do it in. I could go stir crazy, and probably would were it not for the net. I guess this will be a good night to keep up with email, Facebook, Blogger and do some writing. And I'm getting paid. I have nothing to complain about.


  1. Here I am! I must confess that I am slowly moving over to KCL where most people seem to be moving. I am still not sure about things, I still feel homeless since JS left.
    I think if we have a drought on the EAst Coast this summer I will be quite frustrated. We have had our big share of rain.
    I hope your night went quick, no work can make a shift go very long.

  2. Start posting on kcl. I cannot post as often as I once did.I do read you man but my internet connection is spotty at work.

    keep writing!!


  3. Thank you both. It's good to know that you are there.