Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Repeat

Last night was a repeat of Monday night- work very late, go home, go to bed, sleep until time to go to work- so again there is little to tell. The only difference is that last night I did spend some time playing with the dogs. They needed the attention. I understand how they feel.

The overtime work is over for now. There may not be any more until the end of the month, if at all. I'd prefer not to work it, especially since I don't get paid for working it. The company stopped that as a cost saving measure.

I have to order my new vehicle this week as my current lease on the Versa expires in the beginning of October. Yes, it takes that long when you order a vehicle. I'm pretty sure at this point that I am going with a Cube, in moss green. It will match the color of the new kayak, which is a light olive.

Well, I'm really busy, so back to work I go...

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  1. I did not know you were leasing the Versa. Put up a picture of your "Cube" when you get it. Not paying for OT is pretty ridiculous - when Da Man went to find work in Ireland, they were pretty appalled that a company wouldn't pay people for working OT ... of course overtime there is still very much a new concept :)