Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

Well, I got up early this morning as planned yesterday. It was overcast and windy. The weather radio said there was a 40% chance of rain. I went back to bed, didn't even attempt to cut the grass. I just didn't feel up to trying to rush around to get it done before the rain. As it turned out, it has not rained as of yet. In fact, the skies are partly clear right now.There is supposed to be no rain tomorrow, so I will try again.

I'm starting to think about my vacation now, which is only five weeks away from now. I think I am taking the kayak with me, as my father was talking about taking the canoes to a new park while I am there. I now will not need to take my bike with me, as my sister, the queen of garage sales, picked up a brand new mountain bike for $15 this past weekend as an extra ride for me. There is not a lot planned out ahead of time this visit. Of course, me having to bring the dogs with me put a damper on a couple of things, like going camping while I'm there. That's alright, though. I plan on spending a lot of time just taking it easy.

Work is very busy tonight, and will be tomorrow as well. After that, however, we are not supposed to have any shipments coming in until July 1st, which leaves us with four days with absolutely nothing to do. We will have to be creative in order to keep people busy. Of course we will offeer people the opportunity to take time off, but not everyone will do that. Most are saving their time for family summer vacations right now.

Well, I'm off to read some blogs. More later...

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