Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well, I got up and got a little accomplished this morning. I haven't got my grass cut yet, but I did get my kayak out on the water this morning for an hour or so before the rain came again. It is getting ready to storm again right now. The dark clouds are just rolling in from the west.

I'm looking forward to a long, three day weekend. I'm off on Friday night because I have a poetry reading to do with the poetry group. On Saturday I'm doing yard work if its nice and going to a party in the evening at the Lube Faerie's, in lovely Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. Sunday will be more kayaking, weather permitting, and bass fishing no matter what the weather brings. I'll probably do some grilling, as well.

I'm dreading work after tonight because we will have no shipments coming in for the next four days.This is because of a transportation change that is taking place. Our Japan shipments used to come off the ships in Los Angeles, then were railed across the country to us. They stopped that. Now the ships will come through the Panama Canal and up the Atlantic coast to Port Elizabeth, which is close to here. There is this transition period where we will get no shipments, and this is it. It’s always difficult to find productive things for people to do when this happens, and I get so bored myself with all of my employees off working in other departments. At least I'll be able to get some writing done.


  1. that poetry thing sounds fun.

    Yardwork is the bane of our existence isn't it?

    Cheers buddy,

  2. The group does a reading once a month at a local coffee shop. It's pretty cool, and I like reading in public- center of attention and all.

    Yardwork just sucks, but the way I figure it, it's the price we pay for nice, warm weather.

    HAve a good weekend, Bobby.