Monday, June 15, 2009

Crap Weekend

It was a crap weekend thanks to the weather. Friday night it rained. Saturday I helped Rachel and Donna move, which wasn't bad because there were ten other people helping as well. I drove the big truck. However, halfway through the move we got hit with a torrential downpour. It continued to rain for hours. Everyone got soaked, some worse than others. Afterwards we had pizza and beer. As soon as we finished carting stuff into the house it stopped raining for a while. Then it continued to rain off and on. It rained more Saturday night, so I spent the evening listening to the radio and nodding off.

Sunday morning early it rained again, so I slept in. Later I got up and went to the gym. By the time I got out of the gym the weather had cleared some but it was still threatening rain and I did not have enough time to take the kayak out before dinner with the kids, so I didn't attempt it. Dinner with the kids and the ex was nice. We made plans for Father's Day, which the ex is ducking out on. We will be going to Red Lobster, followed by a trip to the local pitch'n'put for a couple of games.

After dinner with the kids I went home and cleaned house. Before I went to dinner I had stopped at Best Buy and bought the new Death Cab For Cutie CD, and The Mammas And The Pappas Greatest Hits CD, so I listened to them while I cleaned. Later I talked to my mother on the phone, then went to bed. While getting ready for bed I listened to the weather radio, which is calling for even more rain every day this week.

This morning I slept in, then got up and went to a doctor appointment. This one was with the diabetes doctor. He says I am doing very well according to my latest test results, which is good to hear. He is putting me on a new drug, though: Zocor, for my cholesterol. My bad cholesterol level is at 125 and he says it needs to be lower, so onto another pill I go.

The real good news is that after a full week, I am still sleeping very well without the sleeping pills. The Restless Legs Syndrome has not been an issue. I can only attribute this to the iron supplement I have been taking, as RLS is a common symptom of anemia.

Today is very busy at work. I got here late due to the doctor appointment, so I am trying to catch up on paperwork. Better get back to it.

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