Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nothing To Tell

There is virtually nothing for me to talk about today. I left work last night at 1:40 AM, got home and into bed by 3:00. I slept until noon, at which point I got up and got ready for work and left the house. And now I'm here again. Nothing has transpired. Isn't that exciting? At least tomorrow is hump day.

This coming weekend will be a busy one. On Saturday I am helping my friends Rachel and Donna move into their new house. Maybe I'll get some fishing in that evening. On Sunday I will be going to the gym and spending some more float time in the new kayak. Somewhere in there I will have to clean the house and fold three heaping loads of laundry that are waiting for me. So you see, it's only Tuesday and I'm all ready for the weekend. That may not be a good thing. It will probably make the week seem long.

More later maybe...

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