Thursday, February 26, 2009

That's More Like It

I took a pill last night and stayed up reading in bed until the book was literally falling out of my hands. I slept like a rock until time to get ready for work this morning. That was good.

I'm three fourths of the way through re-reading Walden. It is a wonderful book. The chapter I just finished is Thoreau's vegitarian rant. In the back of the book is Civil Disobedience. I'll probably read that too, just to get all fired up about something.

I got paid today. I have money again, for now anyway. Life is good.

My brother pulled through his surgery alright, and is in recovery right now. That's a relief. He's not awake yet and no one has been allowed to see him yet. He is supposed to go home tomorrow. He told everyone in the family that he didn't want visitors in the hospital. He's a strange bird.

It's another busy night at work. I'm glad for that. It looks like tomorrow will be the same. My employees broke a facility record by a fair bit last night with the amount of work they did. I am very proud of them for that and I told them so.

Someone here keeps turning the heaters off. I'll throttle them when I catch whoever it is. It is cold in this place. It's almost warmer outside right now. My hands feel like popsicles.

Well, that's it for now. I'm off to read some blogs...


  1. Glad your brother is recovering. Yeah, I can relate to the coldness at work. That's why I got a space heater, and have it blowing on me 8 hrs./day. If they want to save money by keeping the heat at 66, I'll make that up in my electrical costs for the heater. LOL! Hugs.

  2. Thank you. Apparently they weren't able to do the micro-surgery thing so he has two big incisions. He should bounce right back, though. He's a tough guy.

    We aren't allowed to have space heaters here- they have been deemed a fire hazard.

  3. I have a habit of turning down the heat...just trying to save a buck!!!!!

    *Runs from room*


  4. Don, I'm sorry I've not stopped by in a while. Hoping you have a grand weekend. ~S~

  5. Hey! I think I'm coming to your reading this weekend!

  6. Bobby- Funny, I do that at home.

    Dove- No nedd to apologize. I know you've had a lot on your plate. I'm just glad that you are here.

    Rachel- Excellent! I haven't seen you in too long, and we need the support. I hope to see you there...