Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday By The Numbers, Again

1. It's raining out this evening, but it's sixty degrees. I'll take it! I wish I had my fishing license already. Maybe tomorrow.

2. My employees aren't that much into working tonight, and I'm definately not into babysitting. Grrr.

3. My brother is doing well, but he is not getting out of the hospital today. He will be there a few days yet. Apparently the surgery was tricky because when he got his kidney transplant, some of his bits and pieces inside had to be sewn together, so these doctors did not walk into the normal situation with this hernia.

4. Just for the record: I am not, have never been, and never will be a Parrot Head. Jimmy Buffet does nothing for me musically or otherwise.

5. Last night was another night of interrupted sleep, even though I took a sleeping pill. And I was wide awake at 6:45 this morning. Well, I didn't waste it. I got up and went to the gym. That's one good thing to come of it.

6. It's official: I'm going home to Ohio to visit my family the third week of March. I'm fairly excited about it. And it will be my first long trip in the new car. Last time I was upset by the gas prices. This time it's the turnpike tolls in PA. Last weekend it cost me $12 to go York, one way, which is about two hours of the six that I will spend on the turnpike. It used to cost that much to go the whole length of the turnpike. Based on that I think I'm looking at about $36 each way! Oh well, it's always something, right?

7. TuesdayPillow, where are you, dearie? Your presence is missed!

8. I'm ready for the poetry reading on Sunday, although I still haven't picked out everything I'm going to read and timed it all yet. I've picked out about half of the pieces. I'll get it done tomorrow, or maybe later on tonight.

9. Everyone have a great weekend.


  1. I haven't picked out a damned poem yet for the reading. I always end up doing it the day of. Don't know why...and I also am NOT a Parrothead. I can't stand Jimmy Buffett.

  2. K- I think it's easier to pick this time because I'm assuming that there will be no one there who has heard us read before. Hell, I could be wrong, though...