Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Talk, A Trip, And A Very Few Zs

I did not sleep well last night. Again I woke up wide awake at around 3:00 AM with my legs killing me. I got up, made a hot turkey sandwhich and sat on the couch in the living room for an hour or so watching television. Then I tried to go back to sleep and was successful. The dogs would not let me sleep in this morning, though. They kept waking me up to let them out or in every half hour from about 8:30 AM on until around 11:00. Today I am tired. Right now I could use a nap. I could nod off at my desk so easily. I'm glad that I stuck it out and did not resort to the sleeping pills last night. Hopefully I sleep better tonight.

Well, I just stepped outside in the cold for a few minutes and the freezing air did me some good. It doesn't help that it is really warm in my department right now and I'm wearing long johns. It's usually cold back here.

Tonight I have to have a talk with one of my temporary employees. He is very productive, but he socializes and goofs off way too much. He makes a lot of mistakes. He is the first to leave for breaks and the last to come back. He seems to be in the bathroom constantly. He has been caught using his cell phone during work hours. I have to have a "come to Jesus" talk with him, and hopefully he pays attention, because otherwise he is quickly headed out the door. I'd hate to have to do that, especially when it's so hard to find jobs right now, but if I have to, I will.

So, Saturday I am making another trip out to lovely York, PA to visit DeleteMe and The Lube Faerie. They are having a party for M's birthday. A little road trip will be nice, especially since the weather is supposed to be so decent. I'm trying to get a friend to make the drive out with me this time. Sunday I have dinner with the kids. It's been two weeks since I've seen them due to the Super Bowl. It is nice to have plans for the weekend. I'm so glad that tomorrow is Friday. It does seem like it's been a long week even though it's been a short one for me.


  1. Wish M a Happy Birthday from me, OK? Sounds like your weekend will be enjoyable. Have fun! (Now get some sleep tonight!) Hugs.

  2. hey have a good time on your road trip...

  3. Well I hope you will come for the ACTUAL party! Nothing went as planned at all this weekend.