Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday By The Numbers

1. Another slow night at work. I hate it! CSX/Conrail, where are my shipments? I'm supposed to be buried with work right now.

2. I also hate it when people say to me, "Okay, you're the boss...". Damned right I am. I get paid what I do for a reason. I'm good at what I do. So yes, what I say goes. You don't have to like me, but you do have to respect the position. Sheesh.

3. Tomorrow night- Party! I need a social night out. I need to be around people and not have it be work related.

4. Sorry about the Coldplay thingy. I didn't mean to start any battles among friends. Peace, brothers and sisters.

5. I bought some ginger ale from the vending machine thinking it was sugar free. Not so. As a diabetic, I wish that there were more sugar free vending machine choices besides Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi (yuk).

6. Performance review time is coming up before too long. It will be easy on me this year, as I have a very good crew. Very few problems. I should get a decent review myself. It's been a good performance year for me.

7. The doctors have decided that they are definately going to operate on my brother's double hernia. That will happen the middle of next week. I just hope that there are no complications related to his kidney transplant.

8. Speaking of medical stuff, now that I am 50 I have people keep telling me that I should have a colonoscopy once a year. What fun. I'll go, but annually sounds like overkill to me. It should also be fun getting someone to take me, because I know last time I had one that they don't let you drive home because of the ansethetic. I wonder how much the insurance won't cover on that little procedure...

9. And at that, let me say that I hope everyone has a great weekend. More later perhaps...


  1. and remember to check your balls daily....
    We will getsocial with you tomorrow night~

  2. That's something I prefer to have done for me. Heh. I'm looking forward to the party...

  3. Sorry about my numerous comments in your last post. I was a little steamed, but I will not say anything more about it. I guess I opened a can of worms when I mentioned Joe Satriani's name. I apologize. Have a great weekend! HUGS!