Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Diego, Work And RLS

Most nights on my way home from work I stop off at the local Quick Check for a fast snack- a diet Coke slurpy and a beef jerkey. I'm always waited on by the same guy. His name is Diego. Diego is very friendly and very polite. I have gotten to know a little about him: He lives alone. He is a vegetarian. He is 39. He has Fridays and Saturdays off. Last night I asked him how he enjoyed his nights off. He told me that he has no friends, and doesn't go out. He spends his time off resting. How sad I thought that was. No friends. I couldn't imagine having no friends. I'm so thankful for the ones I have.

My employer announced today that there would be no further job cuts in the U.S. I was very relieved to hear that. Still, there could be trouble ahead. They could go to four day work weeks, make pay cuts, or possibly go to third-party labor. I'm still waiting with baited breath for this meeting with our director next week. They couldn't possibly be sending him out here just for a pep talk- to tell us to keep productive and stay the course. That just doesn't make sense.

I didn't sleep worth a damn last night. My RLS flaired up something fierce in my left leg shortly after I went to bed. I got up around 3:00 AM. I made something to eat. I read for a while. I wrote some poetry on the lap top, a rather long poem that took me almost two hours to write. I finally fell asleep around 6:30 AM and didn't get up until time to get ready for work at noon. And there were things I needed to do today, like go to the gym and the bank. I think I have this linked to something: my meds. I forgot to take my night time meds the past two nights and I slept fine. Last night I remembered to take them, and whamo- up with the RLS. There has to be a connection there somehow. I just hope that tonight is not a repeat.

I'm not that much into being here tonight. I hope that the evening goes by quickly.


  1. Poor Diego. Sounds like a lonely guy. I also don't have any real-life friends, nearby, but at least I have my family. Hope you sleep better tonight. Have you read the side effects on the meds? I could very well be causing your RLS. Hugs.

  2. Yes, I feel sorry for Diego. I'll have to ask him about family.

    It's funny, the print on the bottles for all of my meds state that they may cause sleepiness. Yawn...

  3. Right on, brother. He needs a few, I think. You can never have too many, I always say.