Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday, By The Numbers

1. I'm about ready to give up on Tagged. It seems like the only hits I get anymore are from 21-25 year old girls from the Phillipines or Russia who are looking for a ticket out. Not what I need right now.

2. I am so not into being here at work tonight. I just want the weekend to be here. I need to relax and have some fun. I think I'll have a few beers after I get home.

3. I slept better last night. In fact I slept pretty well. I still woke up at 3:00 AM, but I was able to get back to sleep pretty quickly. I am glad for that. I haven't been feeling so tired today.

4. I feel much better now after my last rant of a post. I guess that sometimes a person really needs to get things off their chest. I got a lot of great replies too, which helped immensely. I'm thankful for my friends here.

5. My problem employee is behaving today. It appears that our talk last night was taken to heart. That's a good thing. I don't like having to get rid of employees, and I don't want to have to be a babysitter.

6. It's noticeably warmer outside today as compared to yesterday. I'm all ready for that 50 degrees tomorrow and Sunday. I wish I could squeeze in some trout fishing. Hell, I don't even have my 2009 license yet. I'd better get on the ball. I wonder how much the cost has gone up for this year. Last year it was almost $40 with the trout stamp.

7. I was looking at some old photos this morning. Man, I had long hair my senior year of high school. And a dark blue, bell bottomed leisure suit. And aviator wire rims. Oh, wow. Heh. I had kind of big eyes when I was a small child, too.

8. I have found a new television show to watch: The Greg Ferguson Show. It's on at 12:30 AM, about the time I get home from work each night. He is very funny. He's Irish. He's kind of like Eddy Izzard on speed.

9. I've finished with Sylvia Plath and have started rereading the complete works of Anne Sexton. I love her writing. She is a big influence on me. Bigger than Bukowski. Sort of, kind of, almost, but not quite.

10. Well, everyone have a great weekend. Enjoy, wherever and whatever you are.

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  1. When I was an administrator in Pal Talk, guys would hit on me from Pakistan more than any other place. They were looking for a ticket out also. I've never heard of the Greg Ferguson show. May have to find it on one of the channels here. Have a great wekend. Hugs.