Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Words To You

Time takes a hold of your hand
on the day you are born
and walks you down the long corridor
towards the end of your life,
slowly, deliberately, step by step
until you reach that final destination.
Sometimes you trip or stumble
but time always catches you like a net.
Sometimes it gets dark and you may run
into the wall, but time provides a lantern
to light your way forward.
With each passing moment of each
passing day along the trip you reach a point
of no return. A billion points with a billion
memories, a billion diamonds attached.
Some you remember, some you don’t.
Some others remember and you forget.
And people cut across your path a hundred
thousand times: good, bad, important,
irrelevant and countless other descriptions,
like a hundred thousand passing stars.
Some you remember, some you don’t.
Some remember you and some forget you.
It all becomes relative in a cosmic sort of way.
And now we come to the place in the poem
where, after meandering for a number of lines,
I lose my train of thought and completely
forget what obscure point I wanted to make.
Just remember the things I have said here.
Just you remember.


  1. Not sur ehow much time elapsed while I read this poem. lol. Good poem. Hugs.

  2. Thank you!

    "Time wounds all heels." - Groucho Marx

  3. Very deep and profound buddy.