Friday, July 31, 2009

More Fun

The last few days have been good. There has been shopping, going to the movies, eating out, fishing, swimming, more kayaking, visiting with family and of course, playing with the dogs. The trip to the conservatory was awesome and I got a lot of photos of the Chihuly glass artwork that was on display. Tonight we are going to the Dublin Irish Festival to eat, drink and be festive in a Irish sort of way. I forgot to bring my kilt, so I won't be wearing it for the occasion.

Tomorrow I am going fishing at Lake Erie with my brother-in-law. We will likely be staying overnight and fishing on Sunday, too. Assuming that we make a decent catch, we will be having a fish fry on Sunday evening. We will be going after walleye and smallmouth bass.

Next week is the state fair, hiking, more kayaking, more fishing and a huge picnic/cook out complete with bonfire. I will also be getting together with my old school chum, Terry, at some point to relive the glory days for a few hours. What's that Andy Warhol said- There's nothing as pathetic as an aging hipster? Yeah, right.

Everyone have a really great weekend. I know I will.

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