Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Here we are coming up on a long holiday weekend, and I have no plans except cleaning the house, doing yardwork, grocery shopping and paying the bills. Sure, I'll probably go to the gym, do some fishing and kayaking, and spend some time on the back patio with a beer and the radio, but still, no real plans. And what's worse, no one special to spend my time with, which sucks. And the kids are in California for another week yet after this one. Not looking for pity here, just stating facts. It's going to be a lonely weekend.

There is no work again tonight in my department, so it's very quiet here. The shipments came in, but the export documents weren't processed in time for us to take delivery today. So, we'll have a big pile up of work tomorrow when we will be off on Friday. That means Monday and Tuesday will be rough, too. It seems like it's feast or famine around here anymore, although this is supposed to be a temporary thing. I will be leaving four hours early tonight since I have nothing to do, which is a good thing in a way.

I don't have much else to say today. Maybe tomorrow...

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