Monday, July 13, 2009

Good For Me

My extended weekend was a good one. I relaxed a lot and did some fun things. On Thursday I slept in a bit, paid my bills and cut the grass. In the evening I went to the poetry group meeting, which was fun. Besides the poetry stuff I just had a good time visiting with everyone.

Friday I slept in again, and went out fishing on the kayak. It was nice because, being a work day, there was no one out on the lake besides me. I didn't catch anything this time, but it was still fun. In the evening I went to the poetry reading. Rachel gave a very good reading and we had a decent turnout. The after party at Dunlevey's was good as always- great company and good food and drink. I was especially entertained by hearing Anna's husband and another writer talking about all the concerts and shows they had seen in England in their younger days in the 70s and 80s.

Saturday was more sleeping in, until about 1:00 PM this time. Then I had Kendall over to work on finishing up the recording on our poetry CD, which we did complete. Now I just have to mix down the tracks and order them. Kendall will be working on the cover while I do that. In the evening there was a huge thunderstorm which lasted several hours. There was a lot of lightning, and once it hit in the street right in front of my house. It was so loud and unexpected that both the dogs and I jumped when it hit.

Sunday I slept in once again, then went on an eight mile bike ride in the Pine Barrens at Wharton State Forest. That was a nice ride, but it was kind of hot. After that I installed the new flotation system in my kayak, which came in the mail on Saturday. Then I went to my son's apartment for dinner. He and his girlfriend really don't cook, so we ordered out from a good Italian place. When I got home from there I talked to family members on the phone and spent some time loading songs onto the mp3 player that I had ripped off of some CDs.

This week will seem like a long week since the last two have been short ones for me. It will be busy at work, though, so that helps the time pass. This coming weekend I have a camping trip to go on, then it's time to start getting ready to go on vacation, which I have been very much looking forward to the last few weeks.

Well, I'm off to read some blogs now. Happy Monday everyone.

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