Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And So It Starts

I got here alright, no problems with the dogs or with the kayak on the roof of the car. It's been pretty busy since I got here. Saturday night I went with my niece and her husband to a pro soccer game- The Columbus Crew. It was their final game of the season and it was an exciting win against Toronto. I had not been to one of these games before, and it was fun- a lot better than watching it on television.

Sunday was zip lining, and we had a great time at it. I think it was more fun this time than it was the first time. The course was a bit different as they had lost some trees in the fall due to storms.

Yesterday started with a nice leisurely breakfast on my parent's large, screened-in front porch. Then we took the kayak and canoe to a local lake and went paddling, followed by lunch in the park shelter house. After that we went swimming at my sister's house and she grilled out for us. I fell asleep in the pool in a float chair and got a sunburn on my face, chest and legs.

Today it was another leisurely breakfast, and then I got together with my brother. We went shopping at sporting goods stores, then had lunch at a favorite local bar. I took a nice afternoon nap on the porch swing, and then my mother made my favorite dinner- salmon cakes, beans, mac and cheese, and salad.

Tomorrow we are all going to the city to the arboretum (sp?) as it is supposed to rain all day. If it does not rain we will be seining in the creek in the morning first. I'll probably get some fishing in at the pond, also.

That's all for now. Everyone have a great hump day!

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