Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday By The Numbers

1. I have been pretty active on Tagged lately. I have sifted through hundreds and hundreds of profiles and have only found two prospects sort of close to home. One I'm really interested in for a number of reasons. Neither are responding to me. I'm beginning to think that the whole on line connections thing is a grand waste of time.

2. My poem Dust is published in the current issue of the on line poetry journal Thick With Conviction. I'm pretty happy about that. It's a really decent journal, and I feel honored to be in there again.

3. I got my house cleaned last night, so I only have to do yard work tomorrow. I also got pretty drunk while cleaning. I had four beers and five or six shots from the remains of a $50 bottle of tequila. At one point I was making the dogs dance with me to Billy Idol's Dancing With Myself, which was blasting from the mp3 player. I woke up half on the loveseat in the middle of the night, all the doors and windows open and the rain coming in. Yes, it rained again. A nice early start to the weekend.

4. I had a bit of sad news today. A friend of mine who was the bassist in a blues band I was in a handful of years ago passed away suddenly. He was a year younger than I am. Too young to go. He was a very talented musician and guitar technician, and an electrical engineer. I will miss you a bunch, Steve.

5. I have no idea what I am doing for dinner tonight. My cupboards are currently bare in terms of stuff I could bring to work without cooking ahead of time, which I have no time for usually. I may just order a shrimp basket or chicken tenders from the restaurant around the corner.

6. I just saw a roach crawling up the wall across from my desk. This is not a good thing to be seeing. I'd swear it is staring at me right now, the little monster.

7. Everyone have a great holiday weekend. Fire up those barbeques!!

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