Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Wednesday Report

Yay for Hump Day! I'm glad we are getting near the end of the week. I hope the weather turns out to be nice. I want to get the bike out and ride.

It stopped raining today for a while so I was able to get my front lawn cut. I felt fatigued when I got up this morning, so cutting the grass felt like a real chore. It is raining again prettty hard right now. We are all going to get washed away soon.

I got an email message from the new old boss this evening, and he is wound up about our performance and so on here already. He will be like an over-tightened mainspring before he even gets here. I don't have any word yet on when that will be. He said in his email that he has slowed down a bit. I highly doubt it, especially from the tone of the rest of his message. Oh, boy.

I had canned ravioli and meatballs for dinner, plus a banana, and it is giving me heart burn. I'm sure it's not the banana doing it.

Well, next weekend is the big camping trip in the Pine Barrens. I'm excited about it but there is one wrench: Billy says he is leaving for Florida some time that weekend. I will have to make some arrangements with family members to get the dogs taken care of while I'm away. I'm sure it will be done begrudgingly, but it's not like I ask for anyone's help very often.

I hope that everyone has a nice rest of the evening.


  1. Is taking the dogs along on your camping trip not an option? Dogs usually love doing stuff like that. I don't know all the details, just wondering. I'll take care of your dogs, if you pay my way there. Ha. Hope the new boss isn't a whip cracker. Ugh. Hugs. Hey, ugh<--->hug, just rearrange the letters. OK, can you tell I'm so tired I'm loopy? (More so than usual???)

  2. I'd love to take the dogs, but pets (and alcohol!) aren't allowed at the state campgrounds here. I really wish I could. The new boss is certainly a whip cracker. Everyone here is excited about him coming back, but I think they are forgetting what it was really like to work for him.