Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday By The Numbers

1. It is warmish outside right now, but it looks like it could pour any minute. It was supposed to be nice today. I hope the weekend weather is nice. I have lots of outside work to do.

2. This weekend I also have the monthly chore of paying my bills. Not my favorite thing to do. I hate writing out checks and dealing with the register. This is what I get for not trusting on line bill paying.

3. The garden is in great shape with all of the rain we have been having. I can hardly wait to see the veggies starting to form on the stalks and vines. I can, however, wait to deal with the weeds.

4. I feel like a slacker for not having written any poems this week, but the inspiration just has not been there. My muse has been on spring break, I guess.

5. No work whatsoever in my department tonight so I am leaving at 7:00. I had all of my paper work done within an hour of getting here. Most of my people are leaving at 7:00 also, and the rest are working in other departments. It will be nice to get home early and before dark. I'm sure the dogs will be glad to see me.

6. Help! Bosco peed on the front of my guitar amplifier last night. It dried. Does anyone know what will take a pee stain out of tolex? Tolex is fake leather, in case you didn't know.

7. Everyone have a great weekend. I mean it.

1 comment:

  1. Bummer about Bosco. I have no receommndations, other than to check on the Internet. Maybe you'll find something that will take care of the problem. Sorry to hear that. Our weather was pretty nice today, and is supposed to be like that all weekend. Yay! Hugs.