Monday, May 11, 2009

I Can't Stop...

...thinking about this coming weekend. I am just so preoccupied right now. I love camping and I can't wait to go. Last night's weather report said drizzle on Friday and posible rain on Saturday, but I don't care. I've camped in downpours and wicked thunderstorms before, so a little wet doesn't bother me. I went out Saturday and bought a new camp table, a new lantern, and get this- 100 feet of camouflage rope. Camouflage rope. How cool is that? Tomorrow I have to scour the camp stove. It needs a better cleaning. I also have to plan my camp menu and go to the store for the food. There will be lots of hotdogs, beans, bacon, macaroni & cheese, apples, raw carrots, vienna sausages, beef jerkey and granola bars.

The weekend was okay. Nothing to write a book about. Saturday's highlights were the shopping, getting out my lawn furniture, fixing chicken dinner for Billy and I, and spending the evening watching music videos on Youtube. I got no sleep in Saturday night thanks to my RLS. Sunday I cut the grass. It was very windy all day, and somewhat cool. The highlight was Mother's Day dinner with the ex and the kids. My daughter picked the restaurant, as usual, so it was fancy and expensive, as usual. Put out wine goblets, cloth napkins and fresh flowers on the table and I'm just not that comfortable. The food was really good though. I had two huge lump crab cakes and some kind of southwest flavored corn paste dish.

It's going to be a busy week. Work today and tomorrow. Off on Wednesday during which I'll get my blood test, get my car serviced, and have my birthday dinner with the kids. Thursday our division director is in with our new manager and there will be group meetings to deal with. Thursday, more work, and on Friday, I hit the road for camping and Billy hits the road for Florida.

It's going to be a boring evening. No work in my department, so all of my employees are off in other departments working, and I'm left alone at my desk for the night with little to do.

Well, I'm off to read blogs. More later...

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