Monday, May 4, 2009

For Xanadu- Monday By The Numbers

1. Still raining here. It rained all weekend. It's not supposed to stop until next Sunday. My lawn will be knee high by then at this rate, and I just cut it on Thursday. The local streams will start flooding soon. And the weather has turned cool again. I'm wearing a thin sweater and I'm still cold right now.

2. We were told this afternoon that our director is coming for a quick visit next Thursday. This cannot be good news. Right now business travel is only allowed for high level HR issues. I'm a little scared.

3. Billy Boy will apparently be moving to Ft. Lauderdale before the month is out. His cousin is floating him some money to get started on so he's leaving sooner than originally planned. Not a happy thing.

4. The vet says that unless I want to have to spend $400 to have Bosco knocked out and his teeth professionally cleaned, I have to start doing it at home now. I can tell that this is not going to be a fun chore. I can just picture the ordeal it will be now.

5. The biggest news is I found out yesterday that my daughter just got engaged. They will not be getting married for a year or so, but it's still great news. She want's to have a very small wedding on an island like Hawaii or somewhere in the Caribbean. This will not be cheap. I'd better start saving up right now. She wants to go back to school and get a different degree before the wedding. She already has a masters in English. She wants a science degree so that she can do technical writing for a bio tech company or a computer company or something like that. I'm awful proud of her.

6. I didn't do a couple of the chores I wanted to do this weekend. I just got out of the mood with the weather. I didn't pay my bills, which I will do tomorrow morning, and I didn't re-caulk the bath tub. I also didn't go to the gym, which I now feel quite guilty about. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow also. I did, however, watch my favorite movie, House Of Yes, and the Coldplay concert video. I also went fishing for an hour Saturday evening when there was a slight break in the rain (priorities). I didn't catch anything, even though the state had just restocked the lake with trout on Friday. Well, maybe next weekend.

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  1. Thank you, thank you! HA! Congrats. on your daughter's engagement. Mmmm...fresh trout caught from a lake. You're making me hungry. Yum. Hugs.