Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Productive Night- Shot To Hell

The work was going slow tonight even though there is plenty of it. People just seem out of it, unmotivated. I think it's the weather.

Any way, long story short, our computer system went down an hour and a half ago and just came back up. We paid 55 people about $41.25 to stand around and do nothing for an hour and a half. That's $2,269 to you and me. The IT people at the help desk were so utterly useless. They could barely speak English. They did not know what a bar code scanner is, our hours of operation, our mainframe type, our operating system. Nothing. We told them right off the bat that this was severe and the name of the person to contact who could fix the problem. They never did it. We ended up calling that person ourselves and got the issue resolved in about five minutes time.

And to top it all off, I somehow lost my favorite pen in the deal. Grrr. I'm glad the night is almost over for me.

Everyone else have a nice evening...


  1. Take a deep breath, move away from the computer, and nobody will get hurt. Sorry for the shitty night! Hugs.

  2. PS: Read my "Bella Award" entry. Something there for you! Hugs.