Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oops, I Did It Again

I did it again last night- woke up at 4:00 AM hungry and with the RLS flaring. I got up, made myself a grilled cheese and a glass of orange juice, hit the bathroom and went back to bed. I slept great after that except that I woke up at 7:30. Too early. I forced myself to stay in bed until 10:30.

I got my suitcase out this morning for my trip, to let the inside air out a bit before I start packing it. I'm not taking a lot of clothes. It's only a week and the weather probably won't differ much then from what it is right now. I also picked up the refills on the meds that I know I would have run out of while I'm out there. Tonight I'll wash some clothes that I know I want to take with me. I've finally decided on not taking my bike with me. I think.

So, today is the start of National Poetry Month. As I mentioned before I am taking the write-a-poem-a-day challenge. I'll post the better stuff here, but not all of it, as a lot of it will no doubt be crapola. What else will I be doing to celebrate the month? I will attempt to re-read all of my Bukowski books, of which there are about a dozen. That's a fair bit of reading for me as I really have little time for it. We'll see how far I actually get.

And finally, hooray for Hump Day! The week is half-way over. Two more days and I'm on vacation.

More later, especially since I'm working overtime tonight and will get bored at some point...

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  1. Too bad you're not excited about your up-coming vacation. LOL! I'm excited for you, too! YAY! Hugs.