Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Almost Time

Well, this morning I saw my psychatrist, and he saw me. He's very happy that I am doing so well, but not so happy that he is willing to take me off of any of the drugs. I do wish that I could get off some of them.

My head cold and sore throat are now gone, so for sure I am off work the next three days. Tomorrow is my prep day for the colonoscopy. Thursday is the day of the procedure (my poor bung!), and Friday is my day off of work without pay. A five day weekend, although two days of it will kind of be a waste. I plan on some fishing on Friday. I will certainly not be checking work emails, that's for sure.

I have been slaving away at work trying to complete writing employee performance reviews. We were told yesterday to start on them and that they have to be completed, reviewed by upper management, reviewed with the employees, signatures collected and turned in to corporate all by May 1st. I always feel like I could do a better job and give the employees more of a complete appraisal given appropriate time to complete them, but that never happens. These things are always a rush job, which is not fair, but then, life seldom is fair.

Well, back to work. More later probably...


  1. Ahhh Going fishing sounds nice. What will you be fishing for?


  2. Sounds like tomorrow is gonna be a shitty kind of day ;) As for Friday, good luck with the fishin--hope you catch a BIG one.

  3. Friday is something to look forward to, after the colonoscopy. Hope you catch some big ones! Hugs.

  4. Thank you everyone. I will be fishing for trout as it is trout season around here and the wather is still a bit cool for bass right now. There is a nice little lake five minutes from the house that is stocked with browns and rainbows- both put up a good fight and both are yummy.

    Speaking of which, I just got this T-shirt that has a picture of a trout in a frying pan and the caption is, "the end of the rainbow". I love it!

  5. Keep making progress or find another psychiatrist and see if they feel you could handle being off drugs. The Man put himself off his drugs and has learned better how to deal with his moods and manic states.

    Wish I could pay you to come visit up here! We'd have a BBQ, a wee bonfire, and some poetry.