Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is It Time Yet?

I'm ready to go home already, but I still have an hour of overtime to go. I wrote the poem below tonight. It's about something that I haven't posted about yet because it's not over yet. Is that cryptic enough for you? Good night.

His Name Was “Ron”

You were supposedly grateful for the assistance.
I had supposedly made a friend for life in you.
You supposed I was a very kind person. I was.

It angers me that you are out there somewhere,
planning your next scheme, calculating
your next con. You are an artist, true, but I hate

your work. You fooled me and at the same time
destroyed my trust in human beings. I will never
forget you for that and I will never again try

to help a stranger, no matter how tearful the plea,
how dire the situation seemingly is. I just can’t.
I won’t. It truly is a shame that it comes to this.


  1. Unfortunately, people like this exist everywhere. They'll get their just reward in the end. Hugs.

  2. Ouch, must have stung to get fooled. Sad there are people around the world like that.