Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday By The Numbers

1. At the top of my attention again today is the weather. It is absolutely georgous outside. No jacket needed, no sweater needed. Shirt sleeves. It's supposed to be like this tomorrow, too. Too bad I won't be able to enjoy that with having to work.

2. My head cold is a lot better today, but my throat is worse. I had a phone interview with the anesthesiologist for my endoscopy today, and she said that if my throat isn't better by the middle of next week we may have to reschedule the procedure. I don't want that. I want to get it over with.

3. I feel very distracted, or rather, unfocused today. My mind is a jumble of little things and I'm finding it hard to concentrate on any one thing for very long. Maybe number one above has something to do with that.

4. Work is busy tonight but half of my staff is out on vacation days, so it's kind of quiet. That's fine with me as long as the time doesn't drag on.

5. I brought a can of cream of potato soup with me to have for dinner tonight, but I found that there is no milk in the vending machines, so I have to come up with a plan "B". Maybe I'll order out from someplace and have it delivered. Our vending machine company sucks. It seems that they only come to fill the machines once a week. It's not enough. I'd complain to our admin manager but he could probably care less.

6. I'm hearing a "song" on the radio right now that is nothing more than Werewolves Of London with different words sung to it. Very cheezy, and can you say "lawsuit"?

7. Right now I think I'd rather be playing majong and drinking margaritas on my back patio.

8. Billy Boy's mom is coming for a visit from Harrisburg this weekend. This should be fun. And she is supposedly a great cook. I'm all for that- good food that doesn't involve me being at the stove. And she is funny- a female version of him attitude-wise. You'd have to know him to get it.

9. I think I'm feeling well enough to do the hiking in the Pine Barrens this Sunday, as long as the weather holds out. Man, I love being out there in the middle of the forest with the quiet.

10. Everyone have a great weekend...


  1. I hope you feel well enough to go hiking. I have a SIL here who is doing some serious German cooking, and I'm lovin' it, so Billy's mom doing the cooking should be great for you! I can relate. Hope the night goes by quickly for you. Hugs.

  2. I am feeling a fair bit better as the night rolls on. I hope that continues. Luckily the night is going quickly. Enjoy the German cooking!