Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Little Beef

Don't you hate it when people don't do what they are supposed to do at work? I know I do. For example, all of our forklift drivers had to sign a memo a week ago acknowledging that they are to wear safety glasses at all times while operating the lifts. This is for their protection. Today I am noticing that only one of 13 drivers on our shift are wearing them. Most don't even have the glasses with them. Now I have to go around being the bad guy, making people go get them from their lockers and put them on. They will be annoyed with me, and I will be annoyed with them for making me have to be the bad guy. Why can't they just do what they know is right? Grrr.

I didn't sleep well again last night, even though I had my window closed against the mockingbird. I realized this morning that I hadn't taken my pills before bed time. I know that made a difference. I feel tired today, so hopefully I'll sleep well tonight. It's been almost a week since I felt the need to resort to the sleeping pills. I like that.

Today I got my car taken into the body shop for the repair estimate from when my mom backed into it. Tomorrow I have to get up and cut my lawn before it rains. I'm just not looking forward to it. Tomorrow I will also make my maintenance appointment for my car.

I fell a few days behind on the poem a day thing last week, but I am now officially caught up. This is thanks to writing a handful of haiku, which almost feels like cheating because they are so short. I will still try to write a few longer things tonight. I wrote one last night that is longer than usual, is not too bad, and that I will put considerable time into revising becuase I feels it's worth it in this case. I like when that happens. I won't post that one here. Too personal.

It is sounding more and more like Billy Boy will soon be moving back to Ft. Lauderdale. He is such a nomad. He has what he calls his "Bermuda Triangle" between Jersey, Florida and San Diego. I will hate to see him go. It's been really great having him at the house. Everything will seem so lonely and quiet again. I guess this means that I will be making the arrangements to take the dogs with me on vacation to Ohio in August. An eight hour drive with both of them in a compact car. I can hardly wait. Oh well, best not worry about that now. It's a long way off.

It is hot out again today. A person could get used to this, but I'm sure it won't last. I'm sure we will be back down into the 50s and 60s soon. Still, it's better than winter weather. I'm so glad that spring is here.

More later...

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