Friday, January 21, 2011

Some Down Time

Well, the weekend is here, and I am dog tired thanks to the overtime. It doesn't help much that it is freezing cold outside, like in the low 20s with wind. And the weather reports say this will continue, and we will have another, bigger snow storm on Tuesday or Wednesday. The spring just can't come soon enough for me. Anyway, I really need the down time right now.

I have my plans for tomorrow. First, I will get up to take my dog to the vet at 11:30. Then, a nice nap. After that I'll work on my next poetry podcast, which is long overdue at this point in time. In between I'll be playing around on the computer, facebook mainly, and trying to get my printer issue resolved. For some reason, when I print a page, it only prints every fourth line and leaves three empty lines between every one it prints. Strange. For dinner I think I'll try and get Billy, my son or both to go to the diner with me for "breakfast for dinner".

I have no plans for Sunday other than going to the gym and to dinner with the kids. Maybe some football on TV. I'm sure I'll sleep in, too. I do need a new book or two, so maybe I'll hit up Barnes & Noble on my way to dinner.

The weekends always go way too quick for me. I need a three or four day weekend. Maybe next week. Have a good one.

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