Thursday, January 6, 2011

Have You Ever?

I'm feeling terrible right about now. I'm just realizing that I forgot to call my mother on her birthday, which was Tuesday. I'm sure she is hurt or at the very least disappointed. I know I just saw her on Saturday, but still. I just got so tied up and side-tracked with work issues this week that it got away from me. No excuse, I know. Have you ever done this? I never have before. I'm always good about remembering people's birthdays. I'm going to call her tonight after work, fess up to being a first-class jerk-off and hope she forgives me.

I have to call my doctor's office tomorrow. My blood sugar levels are higher than usual and I can't figure out why. I've changed nothing with my diet or exercise routine, and nothing has changed with my meds. It makes no sense to me. In the almost two years since I was diagnosed with type II diabetes I have done very well with the numbers. In fact I have done so well that six months ago my doctor reduced the dosage on my meds by half. Now this suddenly happens, and I do mean suddenly. I can pinpoint the exact date that they started to be higher. They aren't dangerously high, or even close to it, but they are elevated above what they had been.

And weird things are happening with the numbers. Tuesday the numbers were higher than normal. Yesterday I ate exactly the same things for each meal as Tuesday and exercised the same amount, and the numbers were lower. Strange.

Anyway, we are supposed to get another snow tomorrow. One prediction is 1-3 inches. Another is four. Another is up to nine. I don't know who to believe. I think I'll check out the NOAA web site, as they always seem to be the most accurate. Of course, I hope we get the 1-3, since it's supposed to hit here while I am at work. I do not want to have to drive home in more than a few inches of snow in my car, which is more like a sled in the stuff.

Everyone have a great Friday. I can't believe the weekend is almost here already.

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  1. Call your mom ASAP!! She will hopefully understand.

    The blood sugar thing is no bueno. Look at your diet and see if there is something that could be the culprit.